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Affiliate marketing is a popular way how to earn passive income

Affiliate marketing is a popular way how to earn passive income from your private website. Recommending a product or vendor gets you a commission on the customer's completed purchase from your website.

The importance and popularity of affiliate partnerships has skyrocketed in the past few years, as other methods of promotion are turning out to be increasingly unattractive for end customers and ineffective for advertisers themselves. Affiliate marketing is more transparent for everybody involved and it is also a more personal form of promotion for the customer.

How can I join the Alza affiliate program?

Let's say you have a laptop review site. The customer is far more likely to buy a product if he can readily compare both the positive and negative impressions. Traditional methods of promotion, on the other hand, generally list only the positives, making the whole thing seem somewhat suspect.

We support affiliate partnerships both with individuals and with large corporations. Our affiliate sales result in thousands of orders and tens of thousands of pounds every day, and these numbers are constantly growing.

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How does the Alza affiliate system work?

Our affiliate system uses cookies to function properly. These are small files that are stored in the customer's device and contain information on what website has led him to us, the partner's ID number (the affiliate partner subsequently gets the commission), and some other information, such as the file validity. Cookies are supported by all modern browsers, including those on smartphones and tablets.

  • Personal websites

  • Product review blogs

  • Websites focusing on IT, sports, fashion, and leisure

  • Advertising websites

  • Gaming sites

  • Mobile phone news sites

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