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Affiliate is a commission system. It's our way of paying commissions to our partners for contracts that help us execute. If you have your own platform to reach your visitors, the affiliate will help you evaluate it. From typical to unique, affiliate brings together websites of all kinds. Each page with its own audience can be used for promotional purposes.

We can find common ground with bloggers, price comparators, youtube channels, expert websites and many others. Why join the system? You may want to partner with the strongest player in the Czech online market. Or you just need to earn revenue from your site. Anyway, I believe we can establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

When you register in the affiliate system, you will receive your own identification number. This is called IDP for short. You can then insert your IDP into the URL links that will lead to our e-shop. Each purchase made through this link will credit the partner with a commission, based on the value of the purchase and the segment of goods. IDP is added as a UTM parameter, ie only after the end of the regular URL and introduced by the? (or & amp; if this is not the first UTM parameter). Your measured link may look something like this:

You can track the success of your conversion links in the affiliate interface, on the Banners and Links floor. When will the commission be credited to your system? Our databases are synchronized once a day with the main database. In the online interface you will see commissions with a delay of one day. This means that you will receive a commission the next day after the customer pays the order. If it's an invoice payment, it can take up to two weeks.
No! You can link to any product. You don't even have to link to the product at all, but maybe only to our main page or category. You will receive a commission for the purchase of any goods as long as your cookie is valid. Plus, it doesn't matter what domain the purchase happens on. One registration is valid for all EU countries. Commissions from other countries are automatically converted into the currency of the domain in which you are registered. Specific orders are in the currencies in which they were made (Euro, Pound)
To pay a commission, you must reach a minimum amount of CZK 500 (or the equivalent in another currency). You can then upload the invoice to our online interface and submit it for approval. You will find the button for uploading the invoice on the Commission overview floor. the invoice must contain the identification information of both parties. The recipient of the invoice is always, you can find the invoicing data here.

We cannot redeem invoices with another recipient. The billing information of the supplier (you) must contain all the necessary information for your identification, or other information, such as transferred tax liabilities. We take invoicing seriously. We care that we pay the invoices before they are due - ie within 30 days after the invoice is handed over. If there is a problem with the invoice, we will contact you directly in an effort to resolve the matter as soon as possible. For the most straightforward and quick invoicing possible, please make sure that your invoice contains all the important information.
Simply copy the generated code into the existing code where you want the banner to appear. Our servers will take care of the rest. There are a number of banner plugins for Wordpress and other well-known CMS systems. Consult your webmaster, he will know where. It is important that the reference has an IDP parameter. Without it, we are clueless and unable to link orders to your account.
Yes, you need a trade license to issue documents. However, because tax laws change frequently, we encourage you to check in on a specific date. The information will be provided to you by the staff of the Office by telephone or can be found at your Ministry of Finance.
Please wait a few days, if you are sure the order was processed correctly and from & nbsp; your affiliate link, then contact us.
Commissions are calculated from amounts without VAT. a.s. pays VAT on non-taxpayers, taxpayers are credited to & nbsp; We also do not include the price of transport in commissions - we pay this to transport companies.
All important information about the behavior in the affiliate system can be found in our TOS. Points that are important not to miss are:
  • 2.1.12., Or the so-called "purchase for yourself" is a way of using the affiliate program to purchase goods at a discount, which is paid in the form of an invoice. The partner is not allowed to buy goods for himself, or for his family or company.
  • 3.5. concerns bidding in online auctions. Partners may not advertise on keywords protected by the trademark. At the same time, it must not target the pages of e-shops, namely all domains. Advertising that partners place on their own websites is fine, as long as it does not directly violate point 3.5.
We always send money to the account specified on the invoice, first check that everything on the invoice is in order and more than 15 days have passed since the commission was approved. If these conditions are met, contact us.
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